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Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

Locked out of your home office or car?
You could break in... or you could call Premier Windows & Locksmiths, your professional locksmith in Kings Meadows. Premier Windows & Locksmiths can cut keys, replace the locks in your new residence and remove old locking devices. We also provide expert installation of locking systems and auto security devices...

Security Doors and Screens

Security Doors and Windows

Traditional security doors and screens in am Standard Diamond (007) or Decorative Diamond (006) Grille remain a popular and cost effective choice for those wishing to protect their home and family....

>Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium Windows and Doors

Proven, Reliable, Stylish And Secure Windows.

Proven performance and reliability - that's what you look for in sliding windows. Our aluminium windows and doors have both! They are stylish, secure, durable and a quality addition to any home. And the ability to remove the optional flyscreen from inside your home ensures convenience and safety. ... .

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